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The Erusian National Archives, formerly the Licentian Royal Archives and briefly known as the People's Library, are a complex series of official documents and other items of political, social or cultural importance stored in the Durban Complex in the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia. Dating back to the Kingdom of Licentia, the National Archives are thought to be extremely comprehensive, with every official document in the Democratic People's Republic having at some point been copied for the Archives. As such, the Erusian National Archives are considered to be something of a national and cultural treasure in the Democratic People's Republic - as an institution, it is the only institution that has existed continuously since the founding of Licentia. Somewhat controversially, the National Archives have been closed off to the general public since June 2008 and access to the cultural treasures within is strictly controlled by the National People's Executive Commission for Internal Affairs. Some senior government officials in Erusia have called for the archives, or at least parts of them, to be opened to the general public but so far all petitions for free access have been overturned by the NPEC-IA. Since early-mid 2009 however it has been possible to petition the Erusian government for access to specific materials within the archives, provided a good reason is given.


The Erusian National Archives began their life as the Royal Archives of the Kingdom of Licentia, created in October 2007 to store all important documents and cultural materials from that nation. Beginning live with just four items, the Royal Archives quickly grew to be host to more than 50 items of cultural and political importance in the Kingdom of Licentia. When the June Revolution occurred and the Kingdom became the Socialist Republic, Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries re-named the archives to the People's Library and destroyed a number of important political documents relating to the running of the government. The People's Library was then merged with the institution of the same name from the Democratic People's Republic of Bzan, combining the records contained within both libraries. When the Socialist Republic was dissolved, the former Premier Michelle Yui declared that the archives be sealed, a decision that still stands to this date. The complete contents of the People's Library later become the National Archives of Erusia.

Modern Archives

The Erusian National Archives were thought to contain nearly, if not more, than 200 items of cultural, political and historical significance to the Licentian civilisation. In late September 2009, the commission responsible for regulating the archives reported that the archives contained some 417 unique items. The archives have been sealed for nearly one year, with only a handful of select individuals being authorised to access the wealth of material stored within them. According to a partial inventory by the caretakers of the archives, the only remaining examples of pre-dynastic writings pertaining to the Kingdom of Licentia are stored within the archives, along with some 52 items from the Old Kingdom alone. It is possible to request access to specific documents within the archive from the government authorities, although one must have a valid reason and many items remain hidden from the public eye. It is believed that a number of extremely sensitive and controversial documents from the Socialist Republic of Licentia, that have never been seen by anyone outside of the Communist Party, are within the archives and if so will prevent the archives from ever being fully open.