Erusian Five Year Plan

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The Five Year Plan of the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia is a national economic, cultural, social and political development initiative that will include the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Sevent, Eigth, Ninth, Tenth and Elventh Six Month Development Plans of the Erusian National Communist Party. When it is iniated at the next meeting of the ruling Communist Party's National Congress, the Five Year Plan will become the guiding programme of Erusian development until it's end, at which point the Party will review the achievements of the Plan and consider future Erusian development. The inevitable primary objective of the Five Year Plan is to make the concept of Erusian independence more fesiable and to raise micronational awareness.

Objectives that have been highlighted in bold have been officially accomplished according to the Communist Party. Objectives highlighted in itallics are on their way to completion in the next year.


  • To abolish the Erusian Democratic Workers' Alliance and bring the State under the complete contorl of the Erusian National Communist Party.
  • To move away from the National People's Assembly's role as a rubber-stamp legislature.
  • To expand the size of the ENCP's Central Committee to a minimum of nine standing members.
  • To expand the size of both the National People's Executive Commission for Internal Affairs and the National People's Executive Commission for Foreign Affairs significantly.
  • To expand the duties of the Premier of the National People's Assembly.
  • To meet the demands of Progressive Revolution Theory by beginning early preperations for the evolution to a Stage VI society.
  • To turn the ENCP into a platform to support the macronational causes of the Communist Party of Britain, the Communist Party of Ireland and Communist Parties in other macronations where citizens live.
  • To begin early preperations for Erusia to become a force for the global revolution.
  • To raise awareness and support for Rennie-Gaffneyism.
  • To establish national programs to support the cause of Socialism in other micronational states.
  • To have phased out all aspects of Licentian society from Erusian government and political affairs.
  • To increase government transparency.
  • To have established superior Proletarian protection measures for the time of Erusia's independence.
  • To have established a comprehensive socio-economical development plan for the time of Erusia's independence.
  • To have eradicated all counter-revolutionary elements of society known to the Party.
  • To ensure all citizens have access to fundamentally imporant Marxist texts.
  • To have had a significant number of students complete the National Fundamental Education Program, both domestic and foreign.
  • To have transformed the State Health Commission into a practical medical body.
  • To have achieved true freedom of religion and spiritual belief by actively discouraging organised religion and in it's place promoting personal practice.
  • To have removed the influences of the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England and other large macronational religious institutions from society.
  • To have made significant gains in cultural development.
  • To have created a comprehensive and effective social education program to tackle wide-spread social issues that the government of the United Kingdom has systematically failed to anihilate.
  • To have successfuly fostered a sense of community and pride in the achievements of the Motherland.
  • To have successfuly abolished traditional business within Erusia and replaces corporations and similar entities with cooperatives and/or State Owned Enterprises.
  • To advance the glorious revolutionary path of the ENCP beyond Erusia's borders.
  • To substantially improve the size and scope of Erusia's citizenship.
  • To transform Local Party Congresses into effective local legislative and administrative tools of the State.
  • To transform Primary Party Organisations into effective organs of State authority.
  • To advance the People's Revolution.
  • To have successfuly launched a Third Red Reformation by 2014.
  • To fufill other goals established in the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Sevent, Eigth, Ninth, Tenth and Elventh Six Month Development Plans of the Erusian National Communist Party.