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The National Fundamental Education Program is an educational program of the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia sponsored by the State-funded National People's Academy. Although the Erusian government is in the process of developing a comprehensive education scheme for people of all ages for implementation upon Erusia's independence, the NFEP was developed by the Central Advisory Committee of the Erusian National Communist Party in order to establish the Academy as a micronational educational institute. The Program will allow educators and instructors who hold some form of Erusian citizenship to work closely with the State to create their own State-funded courses that will allow students to receive a valid Level B or Level C qualification in the Erusian educational system. Courses offered by the Academy will be made available to citizens of Erusia as well as citizens of any other micronation and all material will be made available through the internet, including live teaching sessions by course instructors. The Program is currently being headed by Michelle Yui, a Bzanite who holds dual-citizenship in Erusia and who is Chairwoman of the Central Educational Faculty Committee of the National People's Academy.

Fundamentals of the NFEP


All courses are designed and taught by members of the National People's Academy faculty. Due to the unique nature of the program, courses are typically constructed by the educators themselves with the asistance of the State. Although the State ensures that all courses comply with Erusian laws and educational principles, it also works to provide as many of the materials for the course it fesiably can. Any Erusian citizen or Special Resident (dual citizen) can teach at the Academy and a faculty position does not stop educators from taking other NFEP courses alongside teaching their own. Teaching at the Academy means that the instructor has access to the educational resources of the Academy and has a seat on the Central Educational Faculty Committee, allowing them to participate in the decision making process for the institution as a whole. Members of the faculty are allowed to join either political party and, if teaching, are reviewed by a member of the Erusian National Communist Party at least once during their course to ensure that they are complying with Erusian law. Instructors also have the luxury of determining how their students will be graded - although they must comply with the national grading system, instructors may choose to have no written work, an exam-oriented course or a course that combines coursework with examinations. All examinations must be externally moderated.

Students and Courses

Each NFEP course must combine distance learning with live instruction by Erusian educators. Individual instructors are encouraged to develop their course so that it can be completed through distance learning, but also so that live instruction makes it easier to complete the course. The unique nature of the program means that courses may be tailored to the individual requirements of each student - there are no final deadlines or rigid timetables due to the time zone differences of students. If a course includes written work it may be completed at any time, whilst examinations may be sat at any time so long as the student has met the requirements (e.g., completing the course) for sitting them. Students will have access to all relevant material on their subject. At the end of the course, each student is awarded a final mark and a General Certificate of National Fundamental Education (GCNFE), which will be equivilent to a qualification at one of three of Erusia's four-level education system.

Available Courses

As the NFEP has only recently been established, current course options are limited. The first course made available was Marxist Studies, taught by Michelle Yui. Below are the details of the current courses offered by the National People's Academy under the National Fundamental Educational Program.

Course Instructor Coursework Exam(s) Date Began
Marxist Studies Michelle Yui Yes One (worth 40% of final mark) TBA



Any citizen of Erusia may apply to teach at the National People's Academy through the National People's Executive Commission for Internal Affairs. If you are interested in teaching a GCNFE course with the Academy and are a wiki user, please leave a message on the discussion page and include your e-mail address. A representative of the NPEC-IA or other appropriate government official will contact you with both an application for citizenship (or Type-A Special Residency if you are a citizen of another micronation) and a course application form. Once both of these have been processed, the Erusian State will work closely with you to construct your course and provide you with the materials you need.


Prospective students who are wiki users need simply apply by posting on the discussion page with their e-mail and what course they wish to take. Students will then be contacted with relevant information and prospectus materials.