Empire of Domestiland

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Empire of Domestiland
Empira di Domestilanda
Imperivm Domestiliæ



2013 — Present

Domestiland Flag6.png

Volumus secedunt (Latin: We will secede)
Capital cityDomestiland City
Official language(s)English, Italian, Domestilandian
ReligionRoman Catholic
Short nameDomestiland
GovernmentParliamentary constitutional monarchy
- MonarchHIS Emperor George I, Emperor of Domestiland
- Acting Prime MinisterHIH Archduke James of Lyneville
Established23rd of August, 2013
Area claimedapprox. 1 ha
Population8 (as of 2013 census)
CurrencyPound Sterling (GBP)
Time zoneDomestilandian Time (GMT-4)
National sportTable Tennis
National animalDormouse
Patron saintSt. Dominic of Osma

Domestiland, officially the Empire of Domestiland was a micronation founded on the 23rd of August 2013 by Emperor George I. It claimed three territories; the mother country being near Maidenhead, England; a second territory near Windsor, England and a third territory near Rogliano, Italy.


The name Domestiland comes from the Latin word dome which means home, giving the idea that the land is also the home. There is also the word domesti which is Latin for of family, meaning that all the Domestilandians may have separate families, but they are part of one big family of the Empire, of which Domestiland is the motherland.


The micronation began when the former King George I founded his kingdom upon the territory of his family's house and garden. The constitution was revised and edited for one month later, the 23rd of September. The kingdom became an empire on the 13th of November, when Belgarmy and Russo Province were ceded to the Empire. Belgarmy was made a duchy and Lyneville a dukedom on the 14th of November, but were upgraded to the Archduchy of Belgarmy and the Archdukedom of Lyneville by George I on the 22nd of December. The territories are yet to be formally annexed, but Belgarmy is arranged to be annexed on the 26th of December 2013. An annexation of Russo Province is likely to take place in August 2014, due to the distance between it and Domestiland proper.

Political Divisions

The Empire of Domestiland is divided into 3 provinces, of which each have a Provincial Capital and at least one national park.

Name Flag Population Provincial Capital National Parks
Capital Province (Domestiland proper) Domestiland Flag5.png 3 Domestiland City Prasiterre National Park Parco Nazionale di Prasiterra
Russo Province Provincia di Russo RussoProvinceFlag.png 2 Roglianotown Sila Valley National Park Parco Nazionale della Sila Valle, East Farm National Park Parco Nazionale della Frontiera Est
Belgarmy Province (Archduchy of Belgarmy) BelgarmyFlag2.png 3 Lyneville Hedgerow National Park Parco Nazionale della Siepe

Foreign relations

Nations which Domestiland unilaterally recognises

Nations with which Domestiland mutually recognises