Empire of Cordoniea

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Empire of Cordoniea

Empire Forever
Cordoniea the great
North America
Capital cityJulian City
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity,Jewish
GovernmentImperial autocracy
- Emperor Julian I
LegislatureImperial Council
EstablishedSeptember 2010
Area claimedFalls Church,VA
CurrencyU.S. Dollar
Time zoneEST/(Eastern Time U.S.)
National animalImperial Eagle

The Empire of Cordoniea is an autocratic Micronation founded in September 2010. Ruled by Julian I, its history so far is mainly occupied by civil war and little outside affairs. However, the nation itself continues to exist and does not show any signs of destabilization.



The Empire of Cordoniea was Founded in September 2010 by His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Julian I. Julian I was inspired to make his own Micronation after seeing the Republic of Ultamiya's website, and then again, after seeing the Oligarchic Republic of Schwefling be created by his good friend and next door neighbor, Nolan Skeflir.

Conquest of the 'Axis Powers'

Shortly after it's foundation, a small group of citizens lead by two former military Officers (Head General Sam Levy, and Lieutenant Luke Camel) tried to overthrow the Emperor, at first they were known simply as the "rebels" But later took on a new name, the Axis Powers. In an attempt to put down this new rebellion and to expand it's domain, the empire declared war on the Axis Powers. the goal was to conquer The Axis and incorporate it back into the Empire and while that goal was eventually accomplished, the war was extremely costly to the Empire as the majority of the war was made up of humiliating defeats that harmed national pride.

The air and space program

The Empire, for a short time, had a small fleet of cardboard shoe box "airplanes" that made up it's short lived and rather unsuccessful air and space program. The most advanced of the planes was a shoe box with plastic cups at it's bottom that were supposed to soften the impact when it hit the ground. After a while all of the planes were damaged beyond repair, the emperor had hoped to save them as historical relics but they ended up in the recycling.

Luketown-Cordoniea war

( main article: Cordoniean Civil War )

Shortly after the Axis powers were conquered the former leaders of the Axis rose up against the Empire and formed the nation of Luketown.On November 12 a new war has started unfortunately for the same reasons but to also redeem themselves for the many humiliating defeats. The new war ended on an unspecified date when the Luketownian president surrendered the micronation. All Luketownian territory is now under the control of the Empiire.


Cordoniea is very strict with diplomatic affairs, however upholds strong relations with two micronations, the Republic of Ultamiya and the Oligarchic Republic of Schwefling.


Cordoniea is an absolute monarchy where the word of the emperor is law. The emperor is advised by the elected Imperial Council which includes representatives from both the military and the ordinary citizens.

Geography and climate


Cordoniea is Bordered on all sides. One by the United States of America, two by the Oligarchic Republic of Schwefling, and three the Republic of LukeTown. The country consists mostly of rolling hills and a small unnamed forest.


Cordoniea is generally warm all year round except for winter when it snow's constantly.