Oligarchic Republic of Schwefling

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Oligarchic Republic of Schwefling
Schwefling flag.jpg FlagNolan Coat of Arm draft with color not complete.jpg Coat of Arms

Scientia at Victoria
North America
Capital cityWarrice
Largest cityWarrice
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)No state religion
Short nameSchwefling
GovernmentOligarchic Republic
- PresidentNoolin Skeflir
- Vice PresidentLouioup Smith
LegislatureSchwefling Congress
- Type - Oligarchy
EstablishedJune 2010
Area claimedunknown
Time zone(UTC±0 to +1)
National animalDoberman pinscher


The Oligarchic Republic of Schwefling is a peaceful democratic micronation created by two friends named Noolin Skeflir and Louioup Smith (not their real names). The date was, unfortunately, not recorded, but historians estimate that it was around June 2010. Schwefling's two-year history has mostly been occupied by long periods of inactivity, the creation of numerous government bureaus and the recruitment of citizens.

It's government style is a bit of a benevolent dictatorship, where the unelected congress holds total power over the country but will often do what the citizens want.


The name 'Schwefling' comes from the last name of the two main founders. It is considered an 'Oligarchic' Republic because, while the president is elected, the country is mainly run by a small group of unelected people(Schwefling Congress).


Foundation and presidential election

The Oligarchic Republic of Schwefling, or Schwefling for short, was created when Skeflir and Smith were scrolling through a book called 'Do Not Open,' the book, written by John Farndon, has a page on creating a micronation. Fascinated by the idea, the two friends quickly convinced a few of their friends to become citizens of the micronation. These friends(Governor Max and Governor Griffin)formed the Schwefling Congress.

Shortly after it's foundation, the first presidential election was held between Skeflir and Smith during school, with their few friends in the micronation voting. Apparently, Skeflir won but there was long lasting confusion over who had won that was cleared up after Smith referred to Skeflir as the President in an Email.

Unrest in Warrice and Citizen Recruiting Effort

Shortly after the vice President was made governor of Warrice, Schwefling's Capital, he began a large and overall successful citizen recruiting campaign that brought Schwefling's population from 5 to 17. Unfortunately for the government, with the new citizens came a large amount of unrest. At the beginning of the school year there was a failed coup attempting to wrest control of the province from the VP, which was ended when the VP satisfied the plotters by giving them positions in the provincial government.

2012 Presidential Election

In 2012, another presidential election was held. There were two parties, the Toupee party (with Omeroo Tamatia, Eevandino Savanesino, Dan Hat, Louioup Smith, Dontnosio Cundino) vs. the Wig Party (Noolin Skeflir). The election for the Toupee Party has already been held and Omeroo/Eevandino won. However, Noolin won the presidential election, by a landslide.

The kill Island conflict

after their defeat in the election, members of the toupee party seceded from Schwefling to form the micronation of Kill Island, which they dedicated to the destruction of Schwefling. A brief "war" was fought using online risk, with kill island losing both battles. a few days later Kill Island collapsed.

Relationships between the two micronations remain shaky, if not so terrible that another war is a threat. Schweflingian diplomat of Kill Island, Danilisimo Hasomoso, states: "Although we are not yet the best of friends, the diplomatic relationship between us are staying solid. Kill Island is a micronation we are very much hoping to ally with, but we disagree on the terms, you know; we want them to give us more help and support than they want to give...and vice-versa. It's tricky, but we're dealing with it..." But Danilisimo Hasomoso has been uncovered for being a Spy For sparnia. he has lots of swag

The Sparnia/Kill Island-Schwefling war

It seems that after the defeat of The Dominion of Kill Island, The Colossus Republic of Sparnia, Omeroo's Allies, , March towards Schwefling, With Kill Islands armies by their side. Sparnia's armies number many, Their leader Lord Porridge, And his son and Generals by his side. Schwefling may fall, To this powerful enemy from the north. The Colossus may destroy Schwefling, but if this does happen, We will hopefully make peace before all this.

Goverment and Politics

The Schwefling Congress

( main Page: Schwefling Congress )

The symbol of The Schwefling Congress.

The nation is run by the Schwefling Congress, The President, and the Vice-President. If a governor wants to pass a bill or get a project started they must show it to the rest of the Congress. The Congress has a brief discussion about it and then votes on it, however, if the bill or project has the support of both the president and the vice president, It can be put into place without a vote. If the vote is tied, then the side that has the President's vote on it wins. The Schwefling Congress is made up of these posts(ordered by amount of authority).

Post occupant
President Noolin Skeflir
Vice President Louiop Smith
Governor Governor Griffin
Governor Governor Max

Governmental Bureaus

These are the different governmental organizations(in no particular order). Each one is run by a member of the Schwefling Congress or a citizen that has been appointed by a member of the Congress. Ministers have absolute control over their bureaus, unless the President or Congress gives them a direct order to do something.

Law and order

Schwefling is currently without a judicial system due to the fact that no Schweflingian has broken the law—yet. The policy of dealing with lawbreakers is renouncing their citizenship. Schwefling's police force is the ministry of law enforcement and internal security, run by the president.

Foreign relations

The diplomacy of the Oligarchic Republic is run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Schwefling has a tendency to remain neutral in most conflicts. This was shown especially in the Cordoniea-Luketown conflict. Schwefling currently only has diplomatic relations with Empire of Cordoniea as well as many small nations which have long been forgotten - even by their creators.. The president plans on starting diplomatic relationships with other nations on microwiki during the summer. The Oligarchic Republic of Schwefling recognizes all micronations that claim to be micronations even if they are unaware of that claim.


Schwefling's military is made up of the Army of Schwefling, The Air Force of Schwefling, and the Navy of Schwefling.

The Schwefling Military has only been put to action twice. (1) When it had to evacuate President Skeflir from The Cordoniean Imperial Palace when the palace came under attack by Cordoniean rebels; (2) to make sure that Louioup Smith was not injured during the coup in Warrice.

When the threat of the dictatorial regime of Kill Island arose, the Schweflingian government began increasing the numbers of the army by huge numbers.

This was all for naught, however, as, wowed by the sophistication of the Democratic Dictatorship of Arasomoso (so called because, in an effort by the government to be original and new, a dictator-for-life is voted for), all left for that particular micronation. In fear of war, Schwefling is (mostly unsuccessfully) attempting to get the army to a large size again, in fear of war with Arasomoso.

Says the vice president, Louioup Smith "Yes, um, the Democratic Dictatorship of Arasomoso, does have an overwhelmingly large army, but they shouldn't be too big a threat. They seem mostly peaceful, you see, and, in spite of that incident with the army, we're friends..."

Geography and climate

Schwefling is Bordered on three sides by the United States of America and on one side by the Empire of Cordoniea. Schwefling's climate is generally hot and dry all year round (interrupted by the occasional thunderstorm)except in winter it can get very snowy in the american provinces. Schweflingian Azerbaijan has a very hot climate. Schwefling is broken up into a number of small provinces, each one is run by a governor who represents their province in the Schwefling Congress. The most notable of these provinces are Warrice(also known as Schweflingian Azerbaijan) and NolansBurg, home of President Skeflir. The majority of Schweflingian provinces are located in North America, though Warrice is located in the Middle Ea


Schwefling's main media outlet is it's state run website, Schwefling.com.

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Schwefling Congress

Ministry Description
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deals with diplomacy and anything going on in the micronational world that Schwefling is involved in.
Ministry of Environmental Studies and Protection Deals with environmental protection and the studying and conservation of wildlife.
Ministry of of Law Enforcement Schwefling's police force.
Ministry of the Armed Forces Schwefling's military.
National Intelligence Agency Schwefling's spy agency
Ministry of Information In charge of updating Schwefling's microwiki page and website.