Cordoniean Civil War

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Cordoniean Civil War
DateJune 2011 - January 2012
Result Decimation of Luketownian rebels, incorporation of Luketown into the Empire
Empire of Cordoniea
Luketown Rebels
Commanders and leaders
-Julian I, Emperor of Cordoniea
-General Trevor
-President Luke
-Vice President Sam

-7 infantrymen -1 cardboard tank

-1 potato cannon

-5 infantrymen

- 1 potato cannon

The Cordoniean Civil War is the term used to describe a series of conflicts between the regime of the Emperor of Cordoniea, Julian I, and a micronationalist rebel organisation known as Luketown.


The war was an attempt by two high ranking officers of the cordoniean army, Luke and sam, to wrest control of the Empire of Cordoniea from Julian I. The primary reason for their anger was Julian's refusal to give one of them the post of head general(leader of the Imperial Army). They gathered a number of their friends to assist them and founded the organisation of Luketown.

The First Battle

The first battle (unnamed,) began when rebels attacked the imperial palace of Cordoniea. They surrounded it, but eventually left when nothing happened. It was deemed indecisive.

The Second Battle

The second battle (also unnamed,) began when the Imperial Army marched on the rebel stronghold. After a short skirmish, the Imperial army captured Luke's front yard, however, Luke and the rest of the Luketown army escaped to the more heavily fortified backyard which was defended by a wooden fort, a barricade, and a rather crudely built potato cannon. The Imperial Army devised a strategy to defeat the Luketownians by sending one brigade of soldiers led by General Trevor around one side of the house, and sending another brigade of soldiers led by Julian I around the other side. Julian's troops charged into the backyard, where they were bombarded by rebel water balloons and fired upon by the potato cannon. Trevor's forces quickly came to the aid of Julian, only to be bombarded by water balloons as well.

demoralized and confused, more than half the Imperial Army routed, and fled from the battle in chaos, leaving only Trevor and Julian left to continue the fight against Luke. The two leaders attempted twice two storm luke's fort, but each time they were beaten back by water balloons. during these attacks they did manage to capture and destroy the potato cannon. Realizing the situation was hopeless, Trevor and Julian abandoned the front yard and retreated back to Julian's house, leaving the rebels victorious.

Taking advantage of the Imperial Army's confusion, the Luketownians launched a decisive counterattack against The Imperial Palace. They succeeded in storming the Palaces defenses and managed to destroy the Imperial Army's only tank, by soaking it with water balloons, before falling back to the Luketownian base.

The Final Battle

Bolstered by their crushing defeat of the Imperial Army, Luketown decided to launch an offensive against Julian I. The battle began when Luke and Sam spotted Julian and General Trevor walking down the sidewalk. Luke and Sam promptly leaped out of their hiding place and opened fire on the two with Nerf Guns. Julian and Trevor fled back to The Imperial palace, with the Luketownians right behind them. The battle would have been a disaster for the Empire had not Julian been keeping a potato cannon ( far superior to the one the Luketownians had had ) outside his house. upon arriving at Julian's house, the rebels were confronted by the potato cannon. The potato fired one shot, which missed the rebels, but hit a tree next to them, causing potato pieces to fly everywhere. Luke and Sam sprinted away as fast as they could.

Luketownian Surrender

A few days after the Final battle, Luke and Sam surrendered to Julian I and returned to their positions in the Army. Luketown was disbanded soon after.