Emperor of Wellington

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Emperor of Wellington
Royal Coat of arms of the Empire of Wellington
Zebrin I

Style His Majesty
Heir apparent Taylor Britannia
First monarch Zebrin I
Formation 22 August 2019
Appointer Hereditary

The Monarchy of Wellington, commonly referred to as the Wellington monarchy, is the absolute monarchy of the Empire of Wellington. The present reigning monarch is Zebrin I of the house of Britannia.

The reigning monarch, as head of state, reserves the right to bestow any orders and commendations. The Monarch must, by law, be a member of the House of Britannia unless there is no more heirs in said house.

The Monarch is referred to as an Emperor, and is also the head of the Royal Family of Wellington.

Powers and duties

The Monarch may exercise multiple duties, but a few are:

  • The right to establish government institutions
  • The right to have a government formed in his/her name
  • The right to declare a successor
  • The right to dismiss a government
  • The right to re-organize a legislative assembly
  • The right to veto any laws submitted by any legislative assembly


The monarchy was officially formed on the 22nd of August, 2019

The monarch may formally issue and delegate any power to them, or to others unless otherwise specified in the constitution.

List of monarchs

Name Became monarch House
Zebrin I
August 22, 2019 Britannia

Line of succession

The line of succession of the Wellington Throne is legally only eligible to those who are members of the House of Britannia. In the event that there are no members and/or the house is disbanded; the king may, if they are still alive, determine their successor. If they are not, it will go through the line of succession for Chancellor. If none remain, then elections will be held.


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