Taylor Britannia

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Princess Taylor Britannia of Wellington
Countess of Merlinsburg
Coat of Arms of Her Royal Highness, Taylor Britannia of Wellington, Countess of Merlinsburg
Countess of Merlinsburg (Inherited by being the Elder Sister of the monarch)
Reign August 22 2019 - Present
Coronation Not yet coronated
Predecessor Title Created
Viceroy of Lirch
Reign August 31 2019 - Present
House House of Britannia
Mother Queen Kathleen I of Wellington
Wellington Royal Family
Royal Coat of Arms of the Empire of Wellington
V · T · E

Her Royal Highness, Taylor Britannia, Countess of Merlinsburg, is the elder sister of Zebrin I and daughter of Queen Kathleen I of Wellington. She was born in the year 2002, and performs a multitude of ceremonial duties.

Official titles

Royal styles of
Taylor Li Britannia
Reference styleHer Imperial Highness
Spoken styleYour Imperial Highness
Alternative styleHer Grace

Her Royal Highness, Taylor Britannia, Viceroy of Lirch, Countess of Merlinsburg

Titles and styles

  • 22nd August - present: Her Royal Highness, Taylor Britannia of Wellington
  • 22nd August - present: Taylor Britannia, Countess of Merlinsburg

Awards and Decorations

  • 22nd August - Present: Grand Commander of the Royal Britannian Order