Cabinet of Wellington

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Kirkman Ministry I
1st ministry of Wellington
Date formed 23 August 2019
People and organizations
Head of government Graham Kirkman
Head of state Zebrin I
Member party Conservative Party of Wellington
Status in legislature Coalition
Opposition party Liberals
Opposition leader None appointed
Election(s) None
Outgoing election 23 August 2019
Legislature term(s) 1st Parliament of Wellington
Previous First Government Formed

The Cabinet of the Wellington Empire is the body of Government ministers responsible for the governance and administration of Wellington, composed of the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor and 8 government ministries. The Government ministers are appointed directly by the Chancellor and each minister is appointed to their respective porfolios, of which there are currently 9. The Chancellor of the Empire of Wellington oversees all the works of the ministers and the Vice Chancellor of the Empire of Wellington is the deputy of the Chancellor, assuming the Empire's government leadership in the chancellor's stead.

One day after the foundation of the Empire of Wellington, Graham Kirkman was appointed to the title of Chancellor of the Empire of Wellington due to an insufficient populace for elections.

In the event of an urgency, the Monarch of Wellington also reserves the right to appoint a provisional cabinet member.

Current members

Portfolio Name Term Party
Ministers of the 1st Cabinet
Chancellor The Rt. Hon.
Graham Kirkman MP
23 August 2019 Incumbent CPW
Vice Chancellor Vacant
Minister of the Cabinet Vacant
Minister of Defense Vacant
Minister of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs The Hon.
Zeus Harrier MP
2 February 2018 Incumbent WPR
Director of the Wellington Intelligence Agency The Hon.
Row Aldair MP
26 August 2019 Incumbent WPR
Attorney-General Vacant
Minister of Media Vacant
Imperial Press Secretary for His Majesty
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