Ela'r'oech-Bushistan relations

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Elarian-Bushistani relations
Map indicating locations of Empire of Ela'r'oech and Republic of Bushistan
Empire of Ela'r'oech Republic of Bushistan
Emperor Charles Mevd / Madgett Diplomat Aidan Pierce

The Empire of Ela'r'oech and the Republic of Bushistan are both headed by Charles I, Emperor of Ela'r'oech as he serves also as the ninth President of the Republic. The Emperor has previously also served as the fourth President of Bushistan in 2022. The two nations have had peaceful and friendly relations from their first contact in early 2021.



Ela'r'oech has held friendly relations with Bushistan, mostly spurred by the personal friendship between Charles I and Aidan Pierce. Since relations began, no issues have come up between the two nations. Bushistan would join the League of Elarian Nation States upon its creation, citing that it would be a good opportunity for military protection.

LENS Occupation

Membership in the League of Elarian Nation States would be proven as an opportunity for military protection in regards to Bushistan in early 2023 when a socialist micronation located in North Carolina would attempt to invade Bushistan. Individuals who worked with LENS would then defend Bushistan from the micronation, speaking directly to Aidan Pierce, who was President at the time.

LENS would then occupy Bushistan for a short period of time to ensure that the socialist micronation would not attempt to invade the Republic again. However, upon demonstrations of concern and protest regarding the occupation, LENS troops would be authorized to leave Bushistan. This incident has not negatively effected the relations between Ela'r'oech and Bushistan.

Continued relations

Despite the occupation, Ela'r'oech and Bushistan have continued friendly and formal relations, and are expected to continue such entering into 2024.