Edenopolitical Kingship election, November 2016

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Edenopolitical Kingship Election, November 2016
Turnout: 100%
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16 November 2016
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Candidate Horatio Eden None of the above

King before election

Horatio Eden

Elected King

Horatio Eden

The Edenopolitical Kingship election of 2016 was an election for the position of King of the Free City-State of Edenopolis. Despite claiming to be democratic, only the incumbent King, Horatio Eden, was allowed by law to either vote or run in the election, meaning mathematically and logically he was the only candidate capable of winning.

The nomination period closed at midnight on the sixth of November (UTC+0), and the voting period subsequently took place between then and twelve noon on the day of the election. Horatio Eden won with 100% of the vote.