Edenian general election, 2014

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Edenian general election, 2014
Template:Country data Edenia
June 27, 2014 (2014-06-27)

All 3 seats to the Edenian House of Representatives
2 seats needed for a majority
Leader Kyn Tucin William Tench Artish Banerjee
Party Social Democratic Progessive People's Party
Leader since 18 May 2014 18 May 2014 18 May 2014
Last election First election First election First election

The 2014 Edenian general election is the upcoming election for the Edenian House of Representatives. It will be held on June 14 to June 21 using the online election service ElectionBuddy.


The Kingdom of Edenia was originally founded as a autocratic kingdom, before King James I created the House of Representatives to allow for a more democratic legislature. Four parties were formed, the Social Democratic Party, an economic left-wing social libertarian party, the Cynder Party and Edenia Progessive Conservatives, both economic right-wing social moderate parties and the Edenian People's Party, a centrist party.

On June 13, 2014, the voter registration was closed, and it was discovered that Thun O' Hootie-et-Hoo had not enrolled to vote, and as such, the Cynder Party was ineligible for the election. 5 people had enrolled to vote.