East Galwegian Blue-Shirt Movement

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East Galwegian Blue-Shirt Movement
LeaderThomas Jacobs
Founded7 September 2022
Split fromParty of Labour and Iron
HeadquartersDe Valera District
Paramilitary wingBlue Guard
Membership (2022)4
  • Militarism
  • National Conservatism
  • Economic Third Position
  • Federalism
  • Nationalism
  • Corrib expansionism
Political positionRight wing to far-right
International affiliationBlue-Shirt International
SloganProtect the Innocent, Punish the Guilty
House of Representatives
2 / 10
District Governors
2 / 5
Party flag
Banner of the Blueshirts.svg.png

The East Galwegian Blue-Shirt Movement (abbr. EGBSM) is a far-right political party and militant movement located in East Galway. Also known as the “Blue-Shirts” or the less common “Homegrown Militants”, the Movement is anti-immigration in nature, and is a militant group seeking a Military-dominated Government and a federal East Galway founded on the combined thoughts of Thomas Jacobs and Euro-Ergatism. The paramilitary wing is the Blue Guard.

The name comes from the original blue shirt movement, which was started by Fascist and war criminal Marco Hasse, who showed his opposition to Ukrainians in his school by founding the movement, though the East Galwegian party has distanced itself from the Fascism of Östruck.


As the one year anniversary of the inaugural meeting of the East Galway Soviet was approaching, Thomas Jacobs had begun to question the long-standing authority of the Party of Labour and Iron, of which he was a founding member. Gradually frustrated by the syncretic position and a lack of political plurality, Jacobs broke away on Meeting Day on 7 September 2022 (regarded as the beginning of East Galway), and established the Blue-Shirts, which in a short amount of time gained more members than the Party of Labour, relegating it to a minor ruling party. Vice Premier Ludwig Collins would also join.

Structure and ideology

The party is headed by the Leader, who is the supreme authority in the party. The leader is known by the style of Marshal, further showing the military nature of the party. The party advocates for a federal presidential republic om East Galway, composed of five self-governing regions, and built along military lines and protocols. The movement considered itself Euro-Ergatist before the dissolution of the Ergatist movement on 10 April 2023.