Duchy of Woodshire

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Duchy of Woodshire
File:Nebraska, United States
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
EstablishmentMarch 15th, 2021
• Census
Time zoneCST/UTC-6

The Duchy of Woodshire was a micronation which legally seceded from the United Republic of Englica on March 15, 2021, with this decision headed by the former king of Woodshire - Jonah Nichols. On May 23 it transitioned to an absolute monarchy due to its small size and became a duchy under Duke Jonah I, later being abolished as an independent state on November 1.



March 15: After Jonah Nichols got legal permission to secede from the United Republic of Englica, the Democratic Republic of Woodshire was born. His reasoning for this was the fact that Englica's government was extremely large and chaotic, and believed it would be better for him to secede and help run a smaller government - with territory covering a mere 43.4 acres.
March 16: On this day, Max Stenner agreed to help write Woodshire's constitution after being asked to help by Jonah. Despite him not being a part of the government, Jonah believed that due to Woodshire's small size, it would be okay to get help from citizens of other micronations. The first flag of Woodshire was also created on this day, symbolizing its constant transition from democracy to monarchy.

Woodshire's 1st Flag (In use from March 16th to May 23rd, 2021)

March 17: After Josiah Welch agreed to write and sign the constitution, writing of the Woodshirean Constitution began on this date.

May 23: After thinking for a while, Jonah Nichols had decided that a democratic republic would not work for a nation of Woodshire's size and decided to transition the government into a temporary absolute monarchy, with Jonah as its first Duke. The constitution was also scrapped, along with vast swathes of the nation's land which was ceded back to the United States of America (leaving Woodshire as containing only a single room of a house). The concept of cities was also abolished along with this decision, and the flag was changed once again. Jonah then changed the national animal to the Dachshund and the national sport to Four Square.

Woodshire's 2nd Flag (In use from May 23rd, 2021 to Present)

May 24: Duke Jonah I and Max Stenner established an alliance between the Duchy of Woodshire and the United Republic of Englica.

November 1: The Duchy of Woodshire, under the orders of Jonah I, was abolished as an independent state and ceded back to the USA.