Duchess Natalia

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Duchess Natalia
Duchess Natalia at her Graduation
Natalia Dee Hunt
HouseHouse of Hunt
FatherDuke Roy
MotherDuchess Ewa

Crown Duchess Natalia Dee Hunt I BA of South and Treeborn Provinces, The King's Sister, was born on 21 October 1988. She is the eldest true sister of the King, and therefore Heir Presumptive. Following the successful marriage of Duchess Natalia (fondly known as Tat) and Duke Gregory, the amalgamation of South and Treeborn Provinces will be official. The Duchess is one of very few citizens to have a degree (in Anthropology and Archaeology), and is a archaeologist by profession.

Duchess Natalia volunteered herself as Head of Culture for The Kingdom of Nathan, and was the first citizen to have an official role on the Island. The Duchess has since taken her role (which includes all aspects of tourism, heritage and art) very seriously, and has been involved with numerous tourist, heraldry and propaganda projects. These include the painting of the Royal Official Portrait, the designing of the Kingdom's crest, the invention of the Kingdom's motto (Tyrannum Bellum Marecum - The Tyrant's War with the Sea), and the creation of the welcome sign which is now placed on Nathan Island. She also wrote two additional verses for the National Anthem.