Duke Gregory

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Duke Gregory
Duke Gregory in Hastings
Gregory Lloyd Nicholson
HouseHouse of Nicholson
FatherBob Nicholson
MotherCaroline Nicholson nee

Duke Gregory Lloyd Nicholson I BA of Treeborn and South Provinces, The King's Brother-In-Law, was born on 15 September 1987. Following the successful marriage of Duke Gregory to his fiancee Duchess Natalia, the consolidation of South and Treeborn Provinces will become official. In the event of the crowning of Duchess Natalia as Queen of Kingdom of Nathan, Duke Gregory would take the title of King.

Despite his degree in History and Archaeological Studies, Duke Gregory's official role in the Kingdom is Minister for Transport. In the second royal visit to the Kingdom, Duke Gregory completed a treacherous circumnavigation of the islands, in order to better understand the eco-system and geology of the surrounding seas. Duke Gregory also assisted King Nathan in his further exploration of the mainlands, scaling the jagged rocks, and helping to name the numerous geological features of Treeborn Province. Duke Gregory also performed the vital transportation of the welcome sign from mainland France to The Kingdom of Nathan.