Treeborn Province

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Treeborn Province New Flag.jpg
Languages spoken English
Date founded 11th August 2009
Demonym Treeborner
Governor Duke Gregory
A map of Treeborn Province

Treeborn Province is the second largest Province in the Kingdom of Nathan. It is ruled by Duke Gregory. It was initially supposed to be called Tres Bon Province but Nathan rejected this suggestion. A tree that was used as a bridge used to connect Nathan Island to Little Nathan. This was the only means to get across to Little Nathan, so King Nathan took the idea that this Province was 'born' from a tree, hence the new name. The Capital of Treeborn is Gregton.

The Quartz Tor and The Sitting Stone of Treeborn are both in this Province.

Treeborn is made up of 3 islands:

  • Little Nathan
  • Treeborn Island and
  • River Island

Treeborn has 4 rivers; Demi River (originally named Demi Nathan River), Le Grand Canyon, River Nathan and Tolgos River.

The infamous Demi River Waterfall is situated at the end of Demi River, as the water falls and flows into the Sea of Nathan

Treeborn has 3 lakes; Lake Taticaca (named after Duchess Natalia), Tolgos Lake and Treeborn Lake.