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Kingdom of Galenolia
Galenoiské království cs
Flag of Galenolia
of Galenolia
Coat of arms
Motto: Superiores sumus quam tu." (Latin)
We are gayer than you
Anthem: "God save the Queen"
Official languagesCzech
Ethnic groups
Czechs – 37,5 %
Ukrainians – 12,5 % %
Slovaks – 12,5 %
Hungarians – 25 %
Poles – 12,5 %
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
LegislatureGalenolian Senate
• declared independence
16 May 2023
• Total
0.00025 km2 (9.7×10−5 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2023 census
CurrencyCzech koruna (CZK)
Time zoneUTC+1:00:00 (CET)
• Summer (DST)
UTC+2:00:00 (CEST)
Date formatdd. mm. yyyy
Driving sideright

Galenolia, by its formal name Kingdom of Galenolia, is and independent state in Central Europe north of Vyrleia.

Galenolia lays in the Czech city of Kolín and is around 250 square meters large. Galenolia has only one region at this time, which is the Kolín district, which has no Galenolian citizen who'd also be a resident in this district, therefor no Galenolian citizen lives in Galenolia itself. Galenolia is a constitutional monarchy though the Queen has more of a symbolic value, than govermental one. In charge of the government is the Chancellor of Galenolia.


Every citizen has right to impact the countrys politics no matter if he is member of parliament of not. Every citizen has right to create their own political party, though the Chancellor must aprove of the creation.


The power in Galenolia is devided between three main chambers which are the executive power, the legislative power and the judicial power.

The executive power

The executive branch is devided into two subbranches, the monarch and Chancellor who posses an unlimited power and the senate which is more or less just for consulting their decisions.

The legislative power

The senate does nto consist of people, but of political parties that are just represented by people. Each party's vote value depends on how many percent of people voted for them in elections. Each memebr of the senate hold the title of "senator of the Galenolian kingdom".

The judicial power

The judicial power reports to ministry of Interior and is responcible for compliance with the laws of the kingdom of Galenolia. Ministery of Interior also works with the Galenolian Gendarmerie.



In 2023 the total are of Galenolia is 0.00025 square kilometers.


Galenolia lays in the west of the city of Kolín which is located in Czech republic. All of the lands belonging to the Galenolian kingdom (to 16th of may 2023) are apart of the Kolín region. Galenolia shares a border with Vyrleia at its south.


Franco-Slavic nation

Galenolia was created as a purely Slavic nation, but the Galenoians did not resist other cultures, even if they did not adopt them. However, this changed during the Napoleonic Wars, more specifically after Battle of Austerlitz, when some Galenoians, fighting for the Austrian Empire returned home with new ideals. They were mainly interested in the idea of a republic, the same way French had theirs, but that was never established. Thus, French sentiment began to spread in Galenolia, leading to the adoption of some elements of French culture. This led to the "Frenchification" of this Slavic state. Today perhaps the most significant example is that the national anthem of Galenolia is the French anthem from the reign of Napoleon I.


Galenolian kingdom is open to foreign diplomacy

Courent diplomatic ties

Diplomatic ties of the Kingdom of Galenolia with foreign nations
Country Date of commencement of relations Note
Vyrleia 9.8. 2023
Kingdom of Freemenia 16.8. 2023
Mendersia 19.8. 2023
Salanda 13.9. 2023
Kingdom of Xcinosia 17.10. 2023