Dracul, Our Fatherland

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Dracul, Our Fatherland

National anthem of the  Commonwealth of Dracul
LyricsDmitri Howie, 17 February 2021
MusicJordan Grigg, 15 February 2021
Adopted18 February 2021
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Symphonic with Vocals
Dracul, Our Fatherland
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Dracul, Our Fatherland is the national anthem of the Commonwealth of Dracul, which was composed and arranged by Canadian Composer Jordan Grigg. The lyrics of the anthem were written by Dmitri Howie, a Founding Father Dracul.

The piece was adopted on the 15th February 2021 by the founding person's committee of Dracul. It replaced the old national anthem of Dracul, which was created in 2020, but did not seem to be accepted by many citizens.


The lyrics are completely self-written and unique.

O’ Dracul, our father-land, never shall we fal-ter.
Dragon’s heart and eagle’s pride, most true and free. (true and free)

O’ vlad our father, watch over our souls.
Guide our nations goals and dreams.
Light of glory, pas-sion for suc-cess, it’s shining bright for, all to see.
O’Dracul, our flag flies high
we sing our pride, our nations song.
Our flag flies high, our voices sing to him.
we sing our pride, our nations call.

O’ Dracul, Our’ Dracul.
We will live with pride and with faith!