Domanglian Foreign Intelligence Service

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Domanglian Foreign Intelligence Service
Owner Tsardom of Phokland
Established 2018
Headquarters Vundenberg, Phokland
Director Position Vacant
Deputy Director Position Vacant
Number of Agents (Estimated) N/A
Official languages English, Welsh

The Domanglian Foreign Intelligence Service is an international organization tasked with the intermicronational and international defense of citizens of the Phoklandian Free State who live outside of the nation. This protection is primarily carried out through the national and global surveillance of said citizens, as well as the investigation and conviction of individuals who violate Phoklandian Law while in Phokland. Due to these investigations, the D.F.I.S. works closely with the Phoklandian Imperial Court. The DFIS is a private company contracted by the Government of the Tsardom of Phokland, and is not in any way affiliated with the central Phoklandian or Domanglian Government.