Directorate of Defense (Slavstria)

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Directorate of Defense
Directorate overview
FormedMay 18, 2014

The Slavstrian Directorate of Defense is the head military organization in the Tsardom of Slavstria. It has complete jurisdiction over the Armed Forces of Slavstria.

Defense Control

The Directorate of Defense uses the Defense Control or DEFCON system used by the United States with slight changes to the descriptions and color codes of certain levels.

All DEFCON levels with a description of the situation and the readiness of the armed forces. Current level in bold.
Level Description Readiness Color Code
DEFCON 1 A war or terror attack on Slavstrian soil is imminent or occurring. Military is fully mobilized if not already in an engagement.     
DEFCON 2 A war or terror attack is highly likely. Military on standby, ready to be fully mobilized in seconds.     
DEFCON 3 A war or terror attack is likely. Military is keeping a close eye on the situation, security presence is visible.     
DEFCON 4 A war or terror attack is unlikely but still possible. Military Police are deployed at various locations around the country to keep an eye on things.     
DEFCON 5 The threat of war or a terror attack is virtually non-existent. Little if not no Military Police presence whatsoever.     

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