Derek Adams

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Derek Adams
1st President of Zinland
Assumed office
14 April 2023
Vice PresidentVacant
Preceded byOffice Established
Leader of the National Union
Assumed office
16 April 2023
Preceded byOffice Established
Personal details
Citizenship Zinland
Political partyNational Union
ResidencePresidential Palace

His Excellency President Derek Adams is a micronationalist, founding father, Zinnish politician and statesman currently serving as President of Zinland. His presidential term began on 14 April 2023 after the establishment of the presidency and ratification of the constitution.

Personal life

Derek was born in the United Kingdom. He has an ESFP Personality type.

Micronational Life

Derek founded the Republic of Zinland on 14 April 2023 and took office as president. He is the author the constitution of Zinland and was the one that signed and ratified the document. His presidency has overseen the foundation, development and growth of the republic. Derek can also be accredited to designing the national flag and establishing other national institutions such as the national parliament.

He is also the Leader of the National Union Party.

Titles and Styles

Since 14 April 2023 - His Excellency The President of Zinland

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