Dennis I, Emperor of Winthroopstan

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Dennis I
His Imperial Majesty
The Winthroopstanian Emperor
Reign 14 May 2015 - present
Head of the Conservative Party
In office 18 June 2017 - 20 June 2018
Occupation Student
Religion Christianity

HIM Emperor Dennis I, previously known by the aliases Winthroop P. and Emperor Moe is an American micronationalist, and founder and Emperor of the Republic of Winthroopstan. He established Winthroopstan on May 14, 2015 after reading about Liberland in the news and therefore gaining his interest on micronationalism. He is also the Nedlandic Ambassador to Germany. The Emperor is one of the 2 people who possess the Order of the Templar.

Republic of Winthroopstan

The Emperor founded the Republic of Winthroopstan on May 14, 2015. He had recently heard in the news about the famous micronation Liberland, and was fascinated by the idea of micronationalism. He declared independence from Germany and quickly got two friends to join. This lead to a great population boom because the friends got all their relatives to join, even cousins, grandparents, and tenants. The peak population of Winthroopstan was approx. 60, but soon the Emperor eliminated most citizens from Winthroopstan, being that some didn't know of its existence and the others not caring about their newly joined nation. The Emperor has also been the Nedlandic Ambassador to Germany since August 6, 2017.

Reign of Dysfunction

The first three months of the Emperor's reign is referred to as the Reign of Dysfunction. This is obviously called so because the nation was dysfunctional. At the time the micronation could have been somewhat considered as a fantasy nation. Winthroopstan didn't even possess a simple constitution. The Emperor went under the title of 'King Winthroop P.'. He saw himself as an insane dictator. This was in a way Emperor Dennis and in a way his own character. Dennis had some unusual political opinions, completely different to then from now, such as rebelling against society, worshipping, working, and having fun at the same time, and completely obeying him, which could be labelled as anarcho-communism. It must be said though, that Dennis didn't take micronationalism seriously at the time.

Monarchical styles of
Emperor Dennis I of Winthroopstan
Reference styleHis Imperial Majesty
Spoken styleYour Imperial Majesty
Alternative styleSir, Sire, Imperator

Reign as Emperor Moe

In August 2015, the Emperor decided to end his alias of King Winthroop P. and chose to take the title of Emperor and the name Moe. At the time Dennis was interested in Qin-Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. He wore a Chinese Emperor outfit, which he bought due to his extravagance. Other than that, the Emperor was not very active at that time. Soon after the Emperor noticed it was not practical being called a different name, and no longer than a month later the Emperor switched to his actual name, Dennis.