Conservative Party (Winthroopstan)

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Conservative Party
ChairpersonEmperor Dennis I
FoundedJune 18, 2017
DissolvedJune 20, 2018
HeadquartersThe Imperial Palace
Political positionRight-wing
Official colorsRed
3 / 9
6 / 10
1 / 1

The Conservative Party was a party in the Republic of Winthroopstan that had been founded by Emperor Dennis I on June 18, 2017. The party was formed at the same time of all the other political parties, the Libertarian Party, Communist Party, Socialist Party, and Juche Party, because the Emperor decided to create them all at once after the 2 year long 'party-free' reign. Emperor Dennis I and his father are the founding members of the party. It is the most powerful party, which is mostly due to the Emperor being a conservative himself.