Democratic Republic of Bravia

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Democratic Republic of Bravia
[[File:{{{image1}}}|125px|border|Flag of Democratic Republic of Bravia]]
GovernmentParliamentary Democracy
Establishment28 March 2010

The Democratic Republic of Bravia was a micronation formed on March 28, 2010.


On March 28, 2010, Parliament stood divided on the issue of Alex Kirby's proposal to institute martial law. Sam Evans denounced the proposal, and was allegedly attacked by a member of the Yahtzee Party out of retaliation. The 1st Bravian Civil War broke out on March 21, 2010, with the country divided between Evans and Kirby.


The Bravian Parliament consists of five members. An annual general election is held, and the majority elected party becomes the ruling government. The current majority party is the Bravian Democratic Socialist Party, which chose Sam Evans to be the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is the acting head of state, while the President (Alex Kirby) exists for ceremonial purposes.

Bravian Democratic Socialist Party

The Bravian Democratic Socialist party was officially formed on 25 March 2010 by Sam Evans with the aim of organising democracy and putting down attempted dictatorship by Alex Kirby. The one thing Sam Evans didn't want was the BDS to become corrupt like other Socialist Governments so he immediately made some amendments to the newly written constitution to make Bravia as democratic as possible. Another problem that faced the BDS was he general decline of capitalism after the Credit Crunch. Mr Evans was determined that under his rule one of the BDS' main policies would be to break up the capitalist system in Bravia.

Bravian National Republican Party

The logo BNRP
The logo BNRP

The BNRP is Bravia's second largest political party under the leadership of Chancellor Daniel Blackmore.

Yahtzee Party

The flag of the Yahtzee Party

The Yahtzee Party is a right wing extremist fascist party headed by Alex Kirby. The Yahtzee Party was formed by Mr Kirby on March 28, 2010 in answer to the disagreement in Parliament. Members are few and the only member at present is Mr Kirby himself.

Bravian Peoples Patriotic Front

The BPPF was formed by hard lined socialists to answer calls for a more extremist socialist part as opposed to the BDSP. In the early days of Bravia it was the BDSP's strongest ally. Its current position is that of an extremist party under the leadership of Ben .J Glasse It is held responsible for Bravia's weakening economy.


The Bravian currency is the Wiph. 100 Wiph are roughly equal to £20 Stirling.