1st Bravian Civil War

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1st Bravian Civil War
Date31 March 2010 - present
Status Ongoing

Bravian Democratic Socialist Party

Bravian Peoples Patriotic Front

Yahtzee Party.jpg Yahtzee Party

Sunshine sport.gif Bravian National Republican Party
Commanders and leaders

Sam Evans Eric Flaebar

Los Bay Petros Communist Party- flag..gif

Ben .J Glasse

Yahtzee Party.jpg Alex Kirby Sunshine sport.gif

Darren Westlin
10 8
BPPF Militia open fire

The First Bravian Civil war is the name given to a period of turmoil within the Democratic Republic of Bravia.


Following a divided Parliament on 28 March, Sam Evans denounced Alex Kirby's proposal of Martial Law. In retaliation, Mr Kirby attempted to ban the Bravian Democratic Socialist Party, but he didn't have enough support from Parliament to pass this proposal. On 30 March, following an attempted assassination of Sam Evans by a member of the Yahtzee party, Mr. Evans gave the order for the BDS to go on the march against the Yahtzee party and their allies, the Bravian National Republican Party. This was immediately supported by the Bravian Peoples Partriotic Front, and war broke out.