Sam Evans

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Sam Evans is the current leader of Democratic Republic of Bravia.

Sam Evans
Prime Minister of Democratic Republic of Bravia
Prime minister 20th March 2010 - incumbent
Predecessor Position Created
Successor Incumbent
Protector of The Protectorate of Bravia
Reign 12th March 2010 - 20th March 2010
Successor Position abolished
Leader of the Bravian Democratic Socialist Party
Reign 12th March 2010
Successor Incumbent
Deputy Eric Flaebar
Republikesstatthelter Canolog Bravia
Republikesstatthelter 29th March 2010 - incumbent
Full name
Samuel Oliver Evans
Father Andrew Evans
Mother Juile Oliver


On 12 March 2010 Sam Evans proclaimed himself temperory Protector of Bravia after a long strugle with Britain in a war of independence. The war which lasted from 1.15- 1.32 on 12 March was a great victory for him and his people. His first motion as protector would be to begin writing his constitution. With the help of local statesmen like Alex Kirby. The first draft of the constitution was still being written when on 20 March 2010 Mr Evans Declared a Republic.