Daniel Sørensen

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Daniel Sørensen
Daniel Sørensen in June 2014
Chairman of the People's Council
Elected office
22th of September 2015
President Mathias L. Magnussen
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born 27. December 1997
Birth name Daniel Sørensen
Citizenship Denmark, Gaerstan
Nationality Danish
Ethnicity Danish-Gaer
Political party Party of Gaerstan (2015)
Domestic partner Single
Residence Hønnerup, Denmark
Occupation Student, Web-designer
Profession Programmer

Daniel Sørensen, ODC is a Danish-Gaersi citizen of Gaerstan and the Chairman of the People's Council of Gaerstan. He studies computer science and programming.

Honors and orders



· Flagofgaerstan.png - The Order of The Duck and Crown - 22 September 2015 (People's Republic of Gaerstan) Awarded by President Mathias L. Magnussen