Cooper McTara

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Cooper McTara
Provisional Mayor of the Small City of New Hyde
June 9th, 2018- Current
Predecessor None
Successor None
Seat in House of Commons (Posaf)
Voted in by Government office:
June 12th, 2018 - Current
Predecessor none (elected into the Commons by government)
Successor none
Resident of Essex
June 9th, 2018 - Current
Predecessor none
Successor none
Born USA
Birth name Cooper McTara
Citizenship United States and Posaf
Nationality Posafian
Political party Posaf-Green Party
Residence Small City of New Hyde
Religion Atheist

Personal Information

Cooper McTara, is an American born micronationlist that is one of the founders of the Small City of New Hyde. Cooper McTara is also a member of the Posaf House of Commons. He is a resident of Essex (Posafian province).

Political views

Cooper McTara political views lie in the central- left area of the political spectrum, he has been consider by many a Democrat, even though he is more Environmentalist.