Constitution of Libertalia

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The Constitution of the Libertalian American Republic is the fundamental law of Libertalia. It was drafted and adopted by decree by the interim government of the Socialist Party on February 13, 2019.



"Imbued with the responsibility of showing the micronations of the world the road to a future of peace and socialism, in view of the historical fact that capitalism, defended by reactionary fascism and in concert with micronations who seek to undermine the free development of all, have split the global community to further their struggle against socialism, contrary to the vital interests of the nation, the people of the Libertalian American Republic, firmly based upon the achievements of the antifascist, democratic and socialist transformation of the social system, unitedly carrying on in its working classes and sections the work and spirit of our revolutionary foundation, and imbued by the will to continue unswervingly and in free decision on the road of peace, social justice, democracy, socialism and international friendship, have given themselves this Socialist Constitution. THE CONSTITUTION OF THE LIBERTALIAN AMERICAN REPUBLIC"

Chapter 1 - Introductory Provisions

Articles 1 to 5, this chapter manages the most fundamental variables for sovereign states. It sets the nature of the state, citizenship regulations etc.

Chapter 2 - Social-Economic Organization

Articles 6 to 11, this chapter manages all economic aspects of the state, labor and workers' self management.

Chapter 3 - The Freedoms, Rights and Duties of Persons and Citizen

Articles 12 to 32, this chapter manages all personal rights and responsibilities, including universal healthcare, rights to education and similar.

Chapter 4 - The Social-Economic System

Articles 33 to 47, this chapter manages all political aspects of the federal state and outlines the power of the Chairman and the People's Council.

Chapter 5 - Concluding Provisions

Articles 48 and 49 certify the Constitution as direct and binding law, and guarantee that it only be amended by the Congress of the Republic.

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