International Working Union of Micronations

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International Working Union of Micronations
FounderRonnie Miller
FoundedJanuary 7, 2019
DissolvedApril 3, 2019
Preceded byCFCMA
Succeeded byUICSP
Political positionFar-left
Colors     Red

The International Working Union of Micronations (IWUM) was a micronational organization that advocated workers' politics. The IWUM was composed of communist, socialist and otherwise pro-worker micronational political parties. The main goal of the organization was to promote a world where the working masses could be free from exploitation and harsh labor.


Flag Micronation Political Party Entry Macronation
LPR national flag.png Libertalia Communist Party of Libertalia January 7, 2019 United States
DPRNH NEWFLAG.png Elasia Unitary Alternative January 9, 2019 Greece