Communist Party of Lostisland

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Communist Party of Lostisland
Коммунистическая Партия Лостайленда
General Secretary Matt Sjöberg
Founded March 10th, 2012
Membership  (2012) 1
Political position Far-left
International affiliation Intermicronational Socialist Forum
Official colors Red

The Communist Party of Lostisland (CPL) is a political party in the Republic of Lostisland, which was founded in March 2012 by Matt Sjöberg. Immediately after its foundation, the Party announced that it would be running in the General Election 2012[1] but the election was lost partly because of John Gordon joining the Lostislandic National Congress.


The CPL confesses the ideology of Communism and Marxism-Leninism, with intends to turn Lostisland into a communist nation.