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FounderFriedrich von Colorado
Political positionRight-wing

Coloradanism (Spanish: Coloradanismo) is the official ideology of the Colorado Party under the leadership of Friedrich von Colorado. It combines aspects of national conservatism and libertarian conservatism.


Coloradanism as the personal ideology of Friedrich von Colorado began to develop in late 2019 to early 2020 when Colorado began aligning himself with libertarian conservatism supplemented with elements of national conservatism (which he calls national-libertarian conservatism). Following the 2023 Coloradan institutional referendum, Colorado established Coloradanism as a distinct ideology and in March 2024, it became the official ideology of the Colorado Party.

Domestic policy

National-libertarian conservatism serves as the core tenet of Coloradanism and forms the basis for the ideology's stance on religious pluralism and republicanism.

National-libertarian conservatism

National-libertarian conservatism, as described by Friedrich von Colorado, is the foremost guiding ideology of Coloradanism with aspects of both libertarian conservatism and national conservatism. National-libertarian conservatism developed out of a staunch opposition to the recent rise of authoritarianism, progressivism, and socialism in the West. It supports rolling back government intervention and regulation in the economy, restrictions on personal rights, and cutting back on the size of the government as a whole.

Religious pluralism

Religious pluralism is a core tenet of Coloradanism. Though Coloradanism does not endorse one specific religion, it upholds religion as being necessary for a disciplined and morally just society. The Abrahamic religions in particular are held to a high standard by Coloradanism for their important roles throughout history. Despite its assertion of religious pluralism, Coloradanism opposes religions it considers pagan such as Hellenism, Satanism, and Wicca.


Coloradanism is a republican ideology supportive of representative democracy through the Colorado Party.

Economic policy

Coloradanism is an economically liberal ideology opposed to government intervention and supportive of free trade. Coloradanism follows the Austrian school of economics.

Economic liberalism

Coloradanism is an economically liberal ideology strongly opposed to government intervention in the economy.

Free trade

Coloradanism is supportive of free trade and is opposed to protectionist policies or tariffs.


The Austrian school of economics forms the basis for Coloradanism's economic policy.

Foreign policy

The foreign policy of Coloradanism has been heavily influenced by American conservative beliefs, especially in regards to its opposition to communism and support for Atlanticism.

Soft-moderate secessionism

Following the classical micropatriology paradigm, Coloradanism establishes itself as a soft-moderate secessionist ideology.


Coloradanism is an anti-communist ideology that opposes the governments in the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Cuba, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the Lao People's Democratic Republic, and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.


Coloradanism is supportive of Atlanticism, an ideology advocating for a close alliance between Northern America (the United States and Canada) and Europe (except Russia) on political, economic, and defence issues. Coloradanism is in favour of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.


Zionism is an aspect of the foreign policy of Coloradanism. Though Coloradanism supports the existence of an Israeli state, it also supports a two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and opposes the incumbent government under Benjamin Netanyahu.