Coalition of the Chilling

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Coalition of the Chilling
Flag of Coalition of the Chilling
Motto: We be chillin'
Official languagesEnglish

Coalition of the Chilling was founded on 2 January 2015 by Anders of Latitudia. The goal of the coalition is to promote good health by relaxation and a laid-back lifestyle to the citizens of its member states. The Coalition mainly advocates regulated growing, distribution and use of cannabis from a medicinal and recreational perspective.

Stress and relaxation

Because of the high level of stress in the modern society, relaxation is very important. The Coalition of the Chilling believes that a relaxed state can be achieved through many different ways and methods, but the most important one is to unwind and step off the hamster wheel that is today. We have learned that that stress not only affects our moods but major and potentially dangerous disorders. Stress can cause digestive disorders, raise cholesterol levels, create hypertension and heart disease. Stress is also known to cause or worsen bowel conditions, lower immunities which causes our bodies more susceptible to infections and viruses.


The Coalition of the Chilling urges its member states to take good measures for a healthy, relaxed lifestyle for its citizens. Anyone that wants to have a say, has a say. One world, one love.


Membership is granted to any micronation or similar entity that likes the above ideas. Application is done by adding the micronation to the list of members below.

List of members

Micronation Join Date
 Republic of Latitudia 2 January 2015