Duchy of the Salt Sea

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Duchy of the Salt Sea
Hertigdömet Saltsjön (Svenska)
Official languagesEnglish, Swedish
• Duke
Gustaf Saltborn
Establishment21 August 2006 (Settlement founded)
17 November 2015 (Duchy established)
• (as of 2015 census) census
Time zoneCET/CEST

The Duchy of the Salt Sea, Hertigdömet Saltsjön is an administrative region under the Republic of Latitudia that was established on 17 November 2015 as a Duchy. It was known as The Duchy of Olde Lands' End until it changed name early 2016. Up until late 2015 it was an unnamed settlement since the founding of Latitudia some 9 years earlier.


Lysekil from Grötö Island

Salt Sea is completely surrounded by the Kingdom of Sweden, and is located within the very well visited westcoast tourist city of Lysekil. The nearby threshold fjord Gullmarn provides a rich and unique marine life that attracs lots of divers. This area of the county Bohuslän is historically known for its fishing industry, especially herring, mackerel and crab. Another influental and significant industry has been quarrying of the fairly uncommon red granite. Today the area mostly flourishes during the summer season when lots of tourists visit and enjoy the local cultural life, food and nature.

Government and politics

Salt Sea is fairly autonomously governed by the ruling Duke or Duchess, however always observing Latitudian Law and constitution and is by that de facto governed by the High Council of Latitudia. The current Duke is representing Salt Sea as a member of the High Council.

Military and Law Enforcement

The Duchy has no army or civilian policing force, but is protected by The People's Army of Latitudia through its residents.


Salt Sea is observing and celebrating cultural expressions from Latitudia, Bohuslän and Sweden.

National Holidays

Outside celebrating the Latitudian holidays, the Founding Day is observed annually on 17 November.


The Duchy is not awarding any medals, awards or knighthoods, but do appoint Lords and Ladies. This is a highly ceremonial and prestigous title and is given to Latitudian as well as foreign citizens. The titles are individual and often closely linked to local culture and geography. The official style is Firstname Lastname, Lord/Lady of <distinct matter>.

Foreign relations

Most foreign relations are managed through Latitudia, but some are considered to be handled directly with the Duchy.

Formal relations through a treaty


Citizenship is automatically but volontarily granted to individuals residing within the Duchy's claimed territory.

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