Co-President of Tinakula

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Co-President of Tinakula
Copresidente de Tinakula
Seal of the Co-President
Office Abolished
Executive Council of Tinakula
Office of the Co-President
StyleHis Majesty
TypeCo-Head of State
Member ofCabinet of Tinakula
Executive Council of Tinakula
State Council of Tinakula
Reports toState Council of Tinakula
ResidenceMidnight Palace, Midnight City
Term lengthLife Tenure
Constituting instrumentConstitution of the Republic of Tinakula
PrecursorVice Executive of Tinakula
Formation13 February 2022
First holderLuke of Wellmoore
Final holderLuke of Wellmoore
Abolished30 May 2023
DeputyCouncillor of State

The Co-President of Tinakula (sometimes noted as the Co-President of the Republic of Tinakula) is the co-head of state in the Republic of Tinakula (along with the President). The Co-President is also Co-Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Tinakula.


The office of Co-President was established on 13 February 2022 during the first Cabinet of Tinakula meeting since the Republic was formed. The office was founded alongside the office of President of Tinakula.


The Role of Co-President is the same as the President, which are as follows:

  • Co-Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces
  • Declaration of a State of Emergency with the Confidence of the President
  • Pass or Veto Laws and Acts Proposed by Parliament
  • Ratifies International Treaties
  • Appoints Diplomats and Represents Tinakula
  • Dissolve Parliaments under Certain Conditions


According to the Constitution of Tinakula Co-President of Tinakula is the Monarch of Wellmoore, who's Heir Apparent also takes the position when they become monarch.

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