Citizen Thection

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Citizen Thection
Greg Cashman
since 1 November 2011
SeatsSpeaker of the People
1 Citizen-Elect
Last election
9 April 2012

The Citizen Thection is primary legislature of the United Federation of Thag. It was established at the time of the ratification of the constitution in 2011, and is comprised of a Speaker of the People and a Citizen-Elect from each Citizen Square.

The goal of the Citizen Thection is to pass legislation, officially titled citizen actions, to protect and better the lives and government of the citizens it represents. Citizen-Elects are obligated to vote on legislation based only on the views and opinions of the citizens in the Citizen Square that they represent, and the Speaker of the People casts their vote based on the views and opinions of all of the citizens.

Members of the Citizen Thection

Picture Name Position
1. Greg Cashman Speaker of the People
2. Gabi Mahuet Citizen-Elect of Eucleides