Ceticilian Presidential election, 2019

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Ceticilian Presidential election, 2019
← March 2018 22–24 March 2019 2020 →

>7 votes needed to win
  Noimageavailable.png DSP logo.png Gpoc logo.png
Nominee Pablo Zumo Mia Torres Jordan Lord
Party IND DSP Geolibertarian Party of Ceticilia
Electoral vote 7 7 0
Percentage 50% 50% 0

President before election


Elected President

Pablo Zumo

The 2019 Ceticilian Presidential was held in March 2019. It is the first Ceticilian election in which incumbent A. didn't seek reelection and the third Presidential election after the abolishment of the monarchy.

It resulted in a tie, that was resolved in Parliament, which lead Pablo Zumo to being elected President.

Candidates and Campaigns

Three candidates ran for this election, winner Pablo Zumo joined the Geolibertarian Party after his inauguration.

Table of candidates

Party Candidate Votes (First Round) Votes (Second Round) Notes
Democratic Socialist Party (Ceticilia) Mia Torres
5 / 14
7 / 14
Has served as President once before.
Geolibertarian Party of Ceticilia Jordan Lord
4 / 14
0 / 14
Participated in every Ceticilian Presidential election but hasn't won the presidency yet.
Independent Pablo Zumo
5 / 14
7 / 14
From Altannia, promises Ceticilia economic prosperity and held the longest first speech of all declared candidates in 2019.