Ceticilian Presidential election, March 2018

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Ceticilian Presidential election, March 2018
← January 2018 23–25 March 2018 2019 →
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Nominee Aqua Jordan Lord Mia Torres
Party Ceticilian Alliance Geolibertarian Party of Ceticilia Libertarian Socialist Party of Ceticilia
Electoral vote 6 3 0
Percentage 66.7% 33.3% 0

President before election


Elected President


The Ceticilian Presidential election in March 2018 was held shortly after the Ceticilian Republic had decided that the office of President was to be reestablished and the previous Presidential term should be shortened in order to restore Ceticilian norms (of inauguration in late March). This election lead to the fourth reelection of Aqua as President of Ceticilia.

The election was held using the Single-Transferable-Vote system, Aqua won with a majority of 66.7% (6/9). A previous election was held on 2018 January 08 and another one was held in March 2019.

Party Candidate Vote (Round 1) Vote (Round 2) Notes
Ceticilian Alliance Aqua
4 / 9
6 / 9
Winner of the Presidential election
Geolibertarian Party of Ceticilia Jordan Lord
3 / 9
3 / 9
LSP Mia Torres
2 / 9
0 / 9
Eliminated in the first round