Ceticilian Presidential election, 2020

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Ceticilian Presidential election, 2020
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13 votes (61.9% turnout)
>7 votes needed to win
  DSP logo.png Gpoc logo.png
Nominee Mya Kelch Jordan Lord
Party Democratic Socialist Party (Ceticilia) Geolibertarian Party of Ceticilia
Electoral vote 10 3
Percentage 77% 23%

President before election

Pablo Zumo

Elected President

Mya Kelch

The 2020 Ceticilian Presidential election was an election held from 20 to 22 March 2020. Originally it was intended to use a system of approval voting mixed with ranked-choice voting, this, however, was dropped as only two candidates were running.
21 Ceticilians (the entire populace) were allowed to cast their votes in this election, 13 votes have been cast which is a turnout of about 61.9%.

This election was the most decisive election in Ceticilian history.

Candidates and Campaigns

Mya Kelch and Jordan Lord were both candidates in this election.

Pablo Zumo, President before this election, did not seek reelection.

Table of candidates

Party Candidate Name Motto
Democratic Socialist Party (Ceticilia) Mya Kelch MYA2020: DEVELOPMENT, SENSIBILITY, PEACE!
Geolibertarian Party of Ceticilia Jordan Lord


Party Candidate Vote
DSP Mya Kelch
10 / 13
Geol.PoC Jordan Lord
3 / 13


Poll of Hypothetical Candidates 9-10 February 2020

Candidate Final Vote
A. 55%
Mya Kelch 33%
Jordan Lord 22%
Mia Torres 22%
Pablo Zumo 11%
Other 0%

Post-Debate Poll 8 March 2020

Candidate Final Vote
Mya Kelch 62.5%
Jordan Lord 37.5%

Mia Torres Poll 14 March to 17 March (ongoing)

With option "Undecided/No One"

Candidate Current
Mya Kelch 58%
Jordan Lord 17%
Undecided/No One 25%

Without option "Undecided"

Candidate Current
Mya Kelch 78%
Jordan Lord 22%