Taylor Mia Torres

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Mia Torres
Logo of her party, the DSP
President of Ceticilia
Assumed office
23 August 2021
Predecessor Lily Jane Rotfels
Successor incumbent
Born USA
Citizenship  Ceticilian,  United States
Nationality American, Ceticilian
Residence  United States

Mia Torres is an influential politician, member of the Democratic Socialist Party of Ceticilia and current President of Ceticilia. A founding member of Ceticilia, along with Jordan Lord and A., her political tenure in Ceticilia is as old as the nation itself. She has been a Member of Parliament as well as Chief Justice before.


Mia Torres was born in the USA. She takes interest in politics, anime and the Japanese language and she is friends with A..

Political career

She has worked in all three branches of Government. She declared independence for the then-Ceticilian province of Sheeplandia as its only resident and gave it to Altannia.


Torres is member of the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP) of Ceticilia.


Controversy arose when she joined the opposition party in 2017 under a false name to infiltrate it.