Centrist Party (Transterra)

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The Centrist Party
ChairpersonAndrew Irons
FoundedJune 22nd, 2018
Membership  (2018)3
IdeologyNational Conservatism
Social Conservatism
Transterrian Expansionism
Economic Liberalism
Political positionCentre Right to Right Wing
Official coloursGreen and Blue (Transterrian National Colors)
Federal Assembly of Transterra
1 / 4

The Centrist Party is a conservative and expanisonist political party in the Federated States of Transterra. The party was founded by Andrew Irons, who currently reigns as the Emperor of Austrovia. Contradictatory to its name, the Centrist Party is not a 'centrist party' and does not have Centrism as its main value.

Instead, the Centrist Party is a conservative and Transterrian Expansionist party. Its main goal is to have Transterra double in size and establish a foothold in the micronational world. Since the party did not put forward a candidate for President, the Centrists instead endorse Alexander Habsburg for President, who lost the election to Connor Stumperth.

Electoral Results