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Catholique Intelligence Service

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Catholique Intelligence Service
CSRcis (1).png
Established 15 December 2018
Headquarters St.Patricksburg
Head Director Jack R. Morris

The Catholique Intelligence Service is a civilian foreign intelligence service of the Catholique Socialist Republic tasked with gathering, processing information from around the world, handling documents and covering up information that should not be known to the public or press. It is lead by the Head Director.


a screenshot taken by the Kapreburg Cyber Force during the attacks.

The CSR'S CSI has done many hackings and data breachings over the course of a few days, one of the most infamous was the Black December Hacking's commited on December 23, 2018 and its main goal was to Hack the nation of Drietslands wifi connection for 13 minutes by using IP grabber via website link. The Divisions the took part in this hacking was the CSR's Division 301, and the Kapreburg Cyber Force of Kapreburg. Note = This was the only hacking ever done by the CSR and it is most likely the last. the original page was deleted by admin.

The CSR flag.