Bodekian Navy

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Bodekian Navy

Founded 2018
Headquarters Molouns, Bodeki
Fleet Admiral

The Bodekian Navy is the primary military naval division of Bodeki. The Bodekian Navy is commanded like any other military branch, having been formed in 2018 when work on the new constitution began.


The Bodekian Navy contains 17 pay grades. The only rank higher than the Fleet Admiral would be the King which commands all military branches and gives all orders.

High Commanding Officer

  • BDM-5 Fleet Admiral
  • BDM-4 Admiral
  • BDM-3 Deputy Admiral
  • BDM-2 Rear Admiral
  • BDM-1 Staff Commander


  • JHC-3 High Captain of the Seas
  • JHC-2 Captain
  • JHC-1 Lieutenant Captain
  • BNO-4 Commander
  • BNO-3 Lieutenant Commander
  • BNO-2 Lieutenant
  • BNO-1 Ensign


  • BDN-5 Chief Petty Officer
  • BDN-4 Petty Officer
  • BDN-3 Special Seaman
  • BDN-2 Seaman
  • BDN-1 Serviceman