Monarchy of Bodeki

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Monarchy of Bodeki
Bodekian Flag.jpgBodeki COA.png

Nulla fines
Capital city City of Molouns
Official language(s)English
Short nameBodeki
Established28 July 2014
CurrencyBodekian Nyte
Time zoneCentral Daylight Time (UTC-5)

The Monarchy of Bodeki, also referred to as The Kingdom of Bodeki and in short just as Bodeki. Bodeki was formed on 28 July 2014 as a loose Constitutional Monarchy under the title of The Constitutional Monarchy of Bodeki and held the same title until 6 May 2019 where it became the present day Monarchy.


Constitutional Monarchy of Bodeki


In the late afternoon of 28 July 2014, King then Prime Minister, signed the First Constitution of Bodeki, which was an edited template of a homeowners association constitution with very little power to people,government. This constitution governed Bodeki very loosely until early 2019 when the second constitution replaced it. Little is known about the founding of the nation other than it was a personal project of and was made out of boredom while he was vacationing.

Early Years (2014-2016)

Very little was recorded or known about Bodeki during its early years other than its early ventures in recruiting a stable population.

Middle Years (2016-2018)

It is thought that Bodeki was in its prime through the years of 2016 and 2017 when the nation reached its height of fame due to the many new citizens recruited at the time by REDACTED and REDACTED. During these years, many outsiders and non-citizens were made aware of the existence of Bodeki, but it was seen as a fad/trend and quickly lost traction in fame during the Summer of 2018.

Second Constitutional Monarchy of Bodeki

During late 2018, then Prime Minister ---- recruited many new cabinet ministers and other administrative figures such as Chief Justice ----- who was a key figure in making the Second Constitution for Bodeki. This second Constitution was finished during December of 2018 and was signed as the new constitution on 11 January 2019. Also during this time, ------ met and befriended ----] and appointed him as the Deputy Prime Minister.

Monarchy of Bodeki

On 6 May 2019, with approval from then Deputy Prime Minister ----, ------ declared himself as the King of Bodeki while also nullifying the Second Constitution of Bodeki, putting him in complete control of the government and the nation.



Bodeki is an absolute monarchy which also has Counts which rule over certain territories determined by the King, these counties can set their own laws which only apply in their counties. However, the monarch has power to change laws in counties and as always the monarchs word is final, county laws also cannot void nationwide laws.

King reigns as the monarch, alongside Count [who rules over county.

Military Forces

The Bodekian Armed Forces is the main military unit of Bodeki. It is ran by King.

Bodekian Army

Bodekian Air Force

Bodekian Navy

Bodekian National Guard