Bodekian Air Force

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Bodekian Air Command and Air Force

Founded 2017
Headquarters Molouns, Bodeki
General of Air NONE

The Bodekian Air Command, commonly referred to as the Bodekian Air Force is the primary military aeronautical division. The Bodekian Air Force currently has no person serving as their General, and is commanded by the King like any other branch. The Bodekian Air Command was formed in 2017 when the nation achieved and launched it's first rocket.


The Bodekian Air Force was founded on an unknown date, presumably around July, in 2017 by the King after he achieved the first goal of the National Aerospace Ministry Act of 2017, which was to launch a suborbital rocket.

The Bodekian Air Force conducted a launch of a suborbital rocket in 2017, but it exploded shortly after takeoff.

On July 4, 2018 two suborbital rockets were launched late in the evening, one tipping over and landing in the United States of America, and the other successfully recovered.

As scheduled, on July 4, 2019, many "missles" were launched late in the evening over the United States of America.


The Bodekian Air Force contains 17 pay grades. The only rank higher than the General of Air would be the King which commands all military branches and gives all orders.

High Commanding Officer

  • BDM-5 General of Air
  • BDM-4 Lieutenant General
  • BDM-3 Major General
  • BDM-2 Brigadere General
  • BDM-1 Staff Commander


  • JHC-3 Senior Air Marshal
  • JHC-2 Air Marshal
  • JHC-1 Air Commodore
  • AFO-4 Group Commander
  • AFO-3 Wing Commander
  • AFO-2 Squadron Leader
  • AFO-1 Flight Lieutenant


  • BDAF-5 Staff Sergeant
  • BDAF-4 Sargeant
  • BDAF-3 Airman First Class
  • BDAF-2 Airman
  • BDAF-1 Serviceman