Baustralian Canine Branch

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Baustralian Canine Branch
Cap badge of the BCCH.svg
Cap badge of the BCB
Founded 17 January 2018
Country  Baustralia
Role Canine handling
Part of Baustralian Armed Forces
 His Royal Navy
 Baustralian Army
Army shoulder patch Army badge of the RCH.svg

The Baustralian Canine Branch is a personnel branch of the Baustralian Armed Forces which consists of two corps, the Baustralian Corps of Canine Handlers and the Baustralian Corps of Canines, the former consists of persons and the latter consists of canines.

Order of precedence

Preceded by

All Baustralian Army units, by number

Baustralian Canine Branch Succeeded by

Baustralian Corps of Chaplains