Bank of Dullahan

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Bank of Dullahan B.V.
Besloten Vennootschap
Traded asDulh
Founded5 April 2012
FounderBradley of Dullahan
Area served
Key people
Bradley of Dullahan(CEO)
Quentin of Wyvern(Chair)
ServicesRetail Banking,
Commercial Banking,
Number of employees

The Bank of Dullahan B.V. is a large bank in the Kingdom of Wyvern, specialised in commercial banking en retail banking, its the largest private bank in Wyvern.

Founding of the Bank


The bank was founded in 2012, giving serveral morgages and loans to people in the Duchy of Dullahan, a state of the Kingdom of Wyvern. In 2013 the bank went on to be a private limited liability company to protect its shareholders and cut administration costs.

Recent developments

The Bank of Dullahan is assisting serveral investors and other companies to create the first investment bank in Wyvern, the Bank of Dullahan says its still in the negociation fase.

Corportation structure

Besloten Vennootschap

Besloten Vennootschap is a dutch legal term for a private limited liability company where the transactions of shares isnt open, the existing shareholders need to provide permission to add a new shareholder to their group.


The statutes of the Bank of Dullahan allows shareholders to sell their shares to anyone unless the amount of shares sold are above the ten percent of the total shares. The Bank of Dullahan's statutes also demands that the shareholder who sells his shares transfers the shares on his name to the buyer through a transfer request document in which both parties agree to the transaction, the other shareholders shall then (if above the 10%)either reject the request or give their consent.

Creditcard & Debit card

The Bank of Dullahan is in the process of providing Debit Cards and Creditcards for its customers for the use of easy money withdrawal and allowing them to pay everywhere without needing to go to the bank to get it.