Arkaporean constitutional referendum, 2014

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Arkaporean constitutional referendum was held on May 29, 2014, which asking citizens on the approval of the national constitution and to ask about thereplacement of the monarchy with a republic. The referendum was proposed by the National Party of Arkapore in the Parliament and was approved by captain regent Tian Abdurrahman the royal council.


A meeting of the Arkaporean Parliament was held on 29 April 2014 to discuss the referendum of Arkapura. While Islamic Party showing support to the monarchy, the National Party declares support of a republic. Both parties later agreed to hold a referendum as part of democratic progress in Arkapura, and the proposal then submitted to the Royal Council, which was accepted.

The referendum was initially scheduled to be held on July 2014 after holy Islamic month of Ramadan, to make it ahead from a referendum in the Kingdom of Wirasena which is currently a protectorate of Arkapura. But then Wirasena government decided to postponed the referendum, which made the national referendum to be advanced in May.


The ballot paper provided three options to be voted on. With the question offered was "What system of government should be run in Arkapore?", the answers provided are "Monarchy", "Presidential (republic)", and "Parliamentary (republic)".


Options Votes (%) Result
Monarchy 20 Presidential Republic accepted
Presidential Republic 45
Parliamentary Republic 35
Total votes 100